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For all men, International (foreign) dating can be a difficult process. In addition to the normal phobias that all adult men struggle with, some men simply aren’t excited by the potential mates that they meet in their daily lives. For these men, the ideal mate would combine traditional values with a touch of the exotic.

If a foreign woman and a Western man come together, in my experience, the relationship can either grow into one of perfect unity or degenerate into a cold war that cannot be resolved. In the end, those couples who take the time to understand their differences are the ones who end up bridging the culture gap and forge a happy union.

Whether you are looking for marriage or just to spend time flirting and enjoying a beautiful girl’s company, foreign girls will capture your imagination. Knowing how to talk to them, rather than at them, will make you a very popular gentleman. No subject is taboo but you have to know how to approach it. Reading how other men have had success with foreign girls will guarantee success.

For those who don’t know where to start, Virtual-Cupid.com is a fantastic resource featuring the true dating tips presented by International dating coach Krystyna.

Krystyna is an international dating blogger and coach. She has published over 500 articles on International daing, intercultural relationships and online dating scams in English and German. Furthermore, in 2016 Krystyna was invited as a speaker at iDate, the biggest Dating Industry & Internet Dating Conference in the industry.

The goals of Virtual-Cupid.com

Transparency plays a major role for us. We inform you comprehensively about the individual dating portals. At Virtual-Cupid.com you will not receive any subjective ratings. The dating services are completely checked and compared with each other in the individual categories. In addition, the reviews of our readers are very important to us. Their questions are taken up and processed in the topics. This is how comprehensive online dating site reviews are created.

The selection of dating providers and topics

Want to know the keys to International online dating success? We have excellent and useful tips that can help boost your dating game.  We research which dating providers and topics are of interest to you. Your interests are our biggest orientation while creating dating guides for our site. It is also important to us to be able to offer you as many alternatives as possible for finding a foreign wife.

Ongoing updates of reviews, guides and tips

Of course, we are aware that the online world is in a constant state of change and this also applies to dating platforms and current topics. Getting lots of great dates with foreign women and filtering out the romance scams is hard for Western men who venture into the world of online dating.

Therefore, this is crucial to ensure that you are always up to date through constant updates. In this way, we want to keep the quality of our texts permanently at a high level.

What makes our posts and dating tips special?

Our dating tips are characterized by extensive and objective research. They contain important information about all topics related to International dating and intercultural relationships.